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  • The Programs of the Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University are conceived and executed under properly organized schedule and professional culture. The authorities of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University have created their own systems of monitoring the programmes in most effective manner.
    Programme Highlights:
    • The courses are of TWO year duration divided into Four Semester
    • Semester pattern with 8 courses in each semester.
    • Blend of Management and it courses. Dual specialization in 4 areas: marketing, finance, human resources and International Management
    • Coverage of various business domain areas i.e. finance, marketing, Human Resources and International Management Program structure designed to enable wide career options for students to be techno managers.

    Structure and contents of the programmes :

    The courses are of TWO year duration divided into Four Semester, each of 26 weeks duration, for teaching and examination purposes. The Semester I, II, together constitute part-I of the course; while Semester III, IV, together constitute part-II.
    There will be an examinations at the end of each trimasters as well as continuous internal assessments

    Semester – I

    1 Management Concepts and Applications
    2 Economics for Business Decisions
    3 Accounting for Managers
    4 Managerial Statistics and Research Methodology
    5 End-User Computing
    6 Introduction to Programming
    7 Web Supporting Technologies
    8 Computer Lab (Java, WST)

    Semester – II

    1 Legal Aspects of Business
    2 Organization Behavior and Change Management
    3 Marketing Management
    4 Management Accounting
    5 Design of Computer Networks
    6 Data Base Management
    7 O.R. For Managers
    8 Computer Lab (Oracle)

    Semester – III

    1 Business Policy and Strategic Management
    2 Specialization Elective I / II / III / IV Paper 01
    3 Specialization Elective I / II / III / IV Paper 02
    4 Object Oriented Programming Systems using Java
    5 Computer Networks and Internet
    6 Software Project Management and Software Testing
    7 Knowledge Discovery and Management
    8 Computer Lab and Summer Project
    1. The students can elect any one specilisation from following areas
    1. Marketing
    2. Finance
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. International Business
    2. The number of students if minimum 10 then only that specialization shall be offered

    Semester – IV

    1 Disaster Management
    2 Specialization Elective I / II / III / IV Paper 03
    3 Specialization Elective I / II / III / IV Paper 04
    4 Design of E commerce applications
    5 I.T. enabled services
    6 Software Engineering and Management
    7 Multi media applications programming using dot net
    8 Computer Lab
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