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ICT Initiatives of MHRD and UGC

Circular : ICT Initiatives of MHRD and UGC

Dear Students,

As we jointly combat the COVID -19 by taking all the precautionary measures and are confined to our homes/hostels, let us use this time productively for our grown and development. The Institute has already provided you study material, question papers, Video lectures, on-line lectures through Webex, Google classroom and on-line cloud computing course through its digital initiatives.

The UGC and MHRD have also come up with various digital resources for the students to utilize this time wisely.

Following are the details of the ICT initiatives by UGC and MHRD:

  • SWAYAM on line courses
  • e_PG Pathshala
  • e- content courseware in UG subjects
  • CEC-UGC You tube channel
  • National Digital Library
  • Shodhganga
  • e-Shodh Sindhu
  • Vidwan

For any queries, you can contact on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click here to read the detailed circular from UGC for your reference...

These digital resources cover a broad variety of subjects and have been prepared by experts from the field. They will provide a good learning experience for all of you. Thus, all students are expected to take benefit of these digital on line resources to enhance their knowledge and skills.

- Dr Sachin Vernekar,
Dean-FMS, Director-IMED

Early Beginning to Placement Season at IMED FY 2020-21!!!

Year on year IMED has seen excellent placements with more than 95% placements every year. We start the Placement season in August-September. However this year it has started early and very early in July itself. This too in tough conditions and adverse market situations.An MBA student has already bagged an offer from a Gurugram based E-commerce company through our Alumni. Hearty Congratulations to the placed student and a big thank you to our esteemed Alumni.

We all appreciate the support of all our Alumni and are very proud of their extraordinary achievements after passing out of IMED.

We also wholeheartedly thank the more than 300 Blue Chip companies who have been helping IMED, be it in IIPS or for Placements and Internships.

We are sure this year also, with the overwhelming support of all stakeholders,we will achieve great heights and the best of the Placements.


Dr. Sachin Vernekar
Director IMED

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Notices and Updates

Admission Form for 2nd and 3rd Year students of IMED : Click here...

Students activities


Student Support Cell

Dear Students,

At IMED, We have Students’ Support Cell. The main purpose of the cell is to serve students and guide the students who need help to solve their problems. It works mainly for the complete development and progress of students.

For any work related to these departments (click here to view...), feel free to contact the concerned staff members.

Dr. Sachin S. Vernekar,
Dean FMS, BVDU, Director, IMED

Skill development Activities

Soft Skills are personal attributes that enhances an individual’s interaction, job performance and career prospects. Soft Skills are often described by using terms often associated with personality traits such as: Optimism, Responsibility, a sense of humour, integrity and also the abilities that can be practiced such as: Empathy, Team Work, Leadership, Communication, Good Manners and the ability to Teach and Train.

Soft Skills in HR Interview Round

The development of soft skills is important when there is intense competition. One needs to learn the basics of effective verbal communication and presentation and groom the telephonic skills. Make sure that the manner of dressing and grooming is appropriate for the job setting.

The art of conversation is just….an Art. The ability to carry on interesting conversations with people about the wide variety of topics and current events is an important tool in establishing an effective business relationship.

The ability to develop and use “Soft Skills” can make a difference between the job offer and the enjoyment of a new employment and community environment.

Soft Skills in a job interview are those characteristics that you use to make decisions and interact with others while on the job. When an employer asks questions designed to determine the soft skills competencies, he/ she is trying to determine the workplace personality you hold and the reactions made in different situations. The more prepared you are to answer soft skills questions, the better equipped you are to enhance your professional image.

Training with iSTAR

Increasingly, companies are not just assessing their current staff and future recruits but are now assessing them on a whole host of soft skill competencies around how well they relate and communicate to others.

Good soft skills also include the ability of people to balance the commercial needs of their company with the individual needs of the staff.

In association with IMED, BVP, Pune, iSTAR is providing soft skill training to the students of final year MBA and BBA who are looking forward to get placed in a reputed firm. Experience being the best teacher, we make the students undergo through a series of personal interviews and group discussions creating an artificial environment of corporate interviews. Each interview and group discussions are preceded and followed by theoretical training from industry experts with more than five years of experience so as to make the students realise on the do-s and don't-s that need to be followed during these processes. Hence exposing them to the industry environments we build their confidence and enable them to crack any interview they attend.


Everyone already has some form of soft skills, probably a lot more than they realize. They just need to look at areas in their personal life where they get on others, feel confident in the way they interact, can solve problems, are good at encouraging and bring out the best in others.

All these skills are soft and all of them are transferrable to the workplace. Not only that, the best news of all is that soft skills can be developed as an ongoing basis through good training, insightful reading, observation and of course, last bit not the least Practice.

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