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Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Pune

MBA Faculty

Designation :Professor

Name: Dr. Sachin S.Vernekar
Designation: Dean FMS, Director IMED
Specialization: Marketing, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Development
Experience: Teaching-32 yrs.Administrative-22 yrs
Research & Publication: 50+ research papers, 6 Books
Name: Dr. Mahesh V. Shitole ( M.B.A , PhD )
Designation: Program Director (UG)
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 22 yrs.
Research & Publication: 38 + research papers ,Guide for 5 PhDs , Guide for 12 MPhil , 4 Books
Name: Dr.Anthony Rose
Qualification:: Ph.D, MBA
Specialization: Strategic Management
Research & Publication: 10
Name: Dr. Kirti Gupta
Designation: M.Sc.(Statistics), MPM, Ph.D.
Specialization: Quantitative Techniques, General Management, HRM
Experience: 24 yrs.
Research & Publication: 41
Name: Dr. Prasad M.S
Designation: Professor, Director ICT BVU Pune.
Specialization: ICT in education
Experience: 40 + yrs.
Research & Publication:
Name: Dr.(Smt) Lal Neelam
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Human resource management
Experience: 32 yrs.
Research & Publication: 12 research papers,PhD Guide:6 students have completed their Phd.
Name: Dr. Kakade M.D Designation
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 28 yrs
Research & Publication: Research papers:12,Books:7
Name: Dr. Kirti Mahajan
Designation: Professor
Specialization: IT / Management
Experience: Teaching 19 yrs., Industry 2 yrs.
Research & Publication: 32 Research papers
Name: Dr. Sankaye B.U
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 34 yrs
Research & Publication: 13 Research papers
Name: Dr. Sawant S.B.
Designation: Professor
Research & Publication:
Name: Dr.Vinod Ingawale
Designation: B.E., M.B.A., Ph.D
Experience: MBA LLB. PhD.
Research & Publication: RESEARCH PAPERS: 20

Designation :Associate. Professor

Name: Prabhat Kumar
Qualification: MA, MBA, MBS
Specialization: HRM
Experience: 7
Research & Publication: Pursuing PhD
Name: Dr. Sonali Dharmadhikari
Qualification: M.Com, ICWA, Ph.D
Specialization: Financial Management
Research & Publication: 20 Research papers published & 1 Funded Research Project Completed
Name: Dr. Pawar Pramod.B
Qualification: MCM,MCA,PhD
Specialization: Computer Application
Experience: 14 years
Research & Publication: 04 research papers
Name: Mr. Mahadik R.V
Qualification: BSc,MCA
Specialization: Computer Application
Experience: 12 yrs.
Research & Publication: 03 Research papers

Designation : Asst. Professor

Name: Yogesh K. Gurav
Qualification: B.A. , M.B.A.
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 12 Yrs.
Research & Publication: 3 research papers and Pursuing P.h.D from Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune (India)
Name: Dr. Hrishikesh M. Bhagat.
Qualification: Ph.D., M.B.A., M.Com., G.D.C.&A., P.G.D.F.T.
Specialization: Marketing & Finance.
Experience: 6 yr
Research & Publication: 12 Research Papers Published in National & International Journals with Impact Factor.
Name: Nilesh Ramchandra Mate
Qualification: A.M.I.E. (Mech), MBA (Mkt.), M.E. (Auto)
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 6 yr
Research & Publication: Two Research Papers in Engineering and Two Research Papers in Managment
Name: Dr. Rajlakshmi Pushkaraj Wagh
Qualification: B.Com NIIT LLM Ph.D
Specialization: Law
Experience: 7 yr + 2 yrs( Industry )
Research & Publication: 5 Research Papers, Completed Ph.D in Cyber Crimes
Name: Dr. Deepali Shahane
Qualification: B.E MCM M Phill, Ph. D.
Specialization: IT management
Experience: 17 yr
Research & Publication: 13 research papers , citations 4
Name: Pallavi Chopade
Qualification: MBA MPhil
Experience: 6 Yr
Research & Publication: Research Publications: 4
Name: Dr. Sucheta Kanchi
Qualification: Ph.D., B.Com, MBA
Specialization: Finance and IB
Experience: 6 Yr
Research & Publication: 9 Research Papers Published
Name: Shreyas Upendra Dingankar
Qualification:, MBA, PGDFT
Specialization: MBA Banking& Finance
Experience: 3 Yr
Research & Publication: 6 research paper in international journals
Name: Dr. Sonia Sagar Sorte
Qualification: Ph.D., MBA
Specialization: HRM,Finance
Research & Publication: 2
Name: Dr. Ms. Anuradha Yesugade
Qualification: Ph.D., B.Com, M.B.A., M.Phil.
Specialization: Finance
Research & Publication: 4
Name: Dr.Deepali Pisal
Qualification: B.C.S,M.C.M,M.C.A, Ph.D
Specialization: Computer Applications
Experience: 11 Years
Research & Publication: 8
Name: Dr. Ranpreet Kaur
Qualification: Ph.D., MBA Finance & HR
Specialization: Financial Management
Experience: 6.5 years
Research & Publication: 14 Research papers published & 1 Funded Research Project Completed
Name: Dr. Seema A. Tarnekar
Qualification: Ph.D., B.Sc., MCM, MCA
Specialization: Information Technology
Experience: 20 years
Research & Publication: 9 papers published
Name: Ms Sonali Khurjekar
Qualification: B. Pharmacy, M.B.S.
Specialization: Human Resource
Experience: 4.5 years
Research & Publication: 1
Name: Dr. Mane Pravin.S
Qualification: MBA,M.Phil,PhD
Specialization: Human Resource Management
Experience: 10 yrs.
Research & Publication: 06 research papers
Name: Smt. Dixit R.Y
Qualification: Bsc. MBA, Mphil
Specialization: Computer Management
Experience: 16 yrs.
Research & Publication: 4 Research papers
Name: Dr. Mirji Hema.S
Qualification: MA, MBA, PhD
Specialization: Human resource Management
Experience: 14 yrs.
Research & Publication: 18 research papers
Name: Dr. Smt. Jadhav Bharati.R
Qualification: Ph.D., B.Sc., MBA
Specialization: Marketing Management
Experience: 8 years
Research & Publication: 02 research papers, Pursuing Phd
Name: Dr. Ayarekar Sachin.V
Qualification: MBA, PhD
Specialization: Human resource management
Experience: Teaching-8yrs,Industry:9 yrs
Research & Publication:
Name: Mr. Udaysinh Desai
Qualification: Bsc, MBA
Specialization: Marketing
Experience: 6 yrs.
Research & Publication:
Name: DR. Ghorpade V.S
Research & Publication:

Designation : Other

Name: Dr. Jadhav N.M
Designation: Phy - Director
Specialization: Physical Education
Experience: 13 yrs.
Research & Publication: 02 research papers
Name: Mr. Navalgund D. I.
Designation: Training Placement Officer
Specialization: Marketing ,IT
Experience: Industry 17+, Teaching 5 +
Research & Publication:
Name: Ms. Ranjana Jadhav
Designation: Librarian
Research & Publication:

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