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Significance of Management and Entrepreneurship development program in Business life:

every day we hear new start-ups coming up! With minimal investment and fewer assets, the business model can be set up. Digitization has made it easier to start a business. Even if starting a business might seem like a cakewalk, sustaining the same can be challenging. Entrepreneurship Development program can play a key role over here.
With that being said, Let’s explore the strengths of this program that will help you not only come up with a business idea but also to implement it in the real world.

Innovative Thinking:

You may face rivalry in your business space. It may lead to price-cutting or increased advertising expenditures. But, this can limit profits getting generated. This is when an entrepreneur thinks out of the box. A lot of businesses are not aware of what consumers really want. An entrepreneur fills the gap between buyer and seller.


Entrepreneurship development program promotes innovation. It involves sessions on the process of Innovation Development and introduction to Design thinking and Critical Thinking for innovation.

Design Thinking:

Business world keeps evolving at a faster pace. A businessman needs to embrace the trends and incorporate them into offerings. Entrepreneurs leverage design thinking in their offerings to meet the unmatched needs of the consumer.


These Institute educates the students how to develop the aptitude for design perspective by applying simple approaches to find out solutions to daily occurring problems. Furthermore, students get hands-on experience of tools and techniques that foster creativity and design thinking.

Market Research:

The base of any business should be strong and realistic. Deeper the market research, the lesser the investment risk. Entrepreneurs are proactive and make a structured plan for the future. They set up goals with intense market research to understand the maximum potential of the business.


Students are adviced on areas such as research questionnaires, deciding on company and domain name and business model canvas in this program. The program also puts the light on in-depth research on target audience, revenue and market share of competitors.

Entrepreneurial Approach:

There is a thin line between a Businessman and an entrepreneur. Businesses function in existing markets. However, Entrepreneurs create the market. Hence, an Entrepreneur paves his own way for setting up a start-up. An entrepreneur is a planner, an organizer, a co-ordinator, a risk-taker, a manager, and an executive, all at the same time.


An idea today is tomorrow’s business. What matters is the implementation. Today’s business schools include topics such as Data Analytics in their programs. They conduct brainstorming sessions along with activities that enhance team-building and problem-solving skills. Also, webinars are taken to share insights about various aspects of business ideas.

Summing Up:

If you desire to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey, then you must opt for a program at the Institute of IMED Pune. The program educates about the various roadblocks that entrepreneurs would encounter during their journey. Various like-minded people come together to learn the golden rules of business and thus, make a mark in the world.

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